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For our 2023 VMS Annual Fund Campaign, we're excited at the prospect of continued growth for our programs and the community we serve. This year, we are focused on enriching the foundation of Valley Montessori while investing in our bright future. Your Annual Fund gifts include the opportunity for your family to choose an area of impact to support:

Facility & Campus Enhancements /Professional Development /Tuition Assistance / STEAM Specialists & Resources (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math).

Every donation provides essential support for our school, to cover the true cost of sustaining and growing our exceptional programs. We ask that each member of our community make a meaningful gift each year. Throughout the campaign, Click here to see our weekly class participation!

Since every family’s situation is different, gifts range from $10,000 to $10 per month. Your collective support is very important as strong participation in our Annual Fund may encourage external support via foundation grants and corporate sponsors. We appreciate your generosity in helping us grow this fund for VMS. Together we share a common purpose to secure the future of Valley Montessori School.